Alfabetomorso Project

Linguaggi sociali e Arte contemporanea



from 22nd May to 31st December 2011

Analysis of new communication forms revisited through the languages of Art, starting from its prehistoric origins and approaching finally the iconography of the Angel figure, seen as the Messenger, Conscious Speed, cautiousness of Information.

ALFABETO MORSO -  Maionese Project 14TH edition 2011


Babel -  Is today’s overabundance and confusion of signs to be considered a degeneration of language or an evolution of it? Are we facing the resonance of immoderately repeated, deliberately unseemly simple messages or are we witnessing the dawn of a new vocabulary or alphabet?

The Angel - The Exhibition will take place at the Pinacoteca Collezione Civica Città di Pinerolo (TO) where a funerary sculpture by Vincenzo Vela, representing an Angel, will be transferred from the city cemetery. We have suggested the Angel as an icon, connected with the idea of Communication, to be read as “objectivity”, “cautious information”, “sustainable speed”, but it is true that over this ideal figure we can roam in many ways: in the sense of language, in the more inner sense of a regained wandering humanity, love, against rampant “affectioncracy“ made of “important” superficiality.

The virtual aspect - Are social networks, virtual meeting places, the internet, the web and especially blogs as a new form of web “interactivity” surrogate or deterrent of Communication, like many seem to be convinced of, or are they information new means of transport, without which we are risking isolation? And then, are both hypothesis influent in man-woman-artist analysis of feelings? In other words the Avatar risk, a new form of the thinking-self, freely displayed and created more upon approval and answers than upon a rigorous and loving self-knowledge or self-consciousness?

Prehistory  - The synergy of different structures, particularly fruitful in Pinerolo, includes the Prehistoric Art Museum, very rich in archaeological finds, jewels, human remains and above all graffiti. Graffiti represent another very important hint with the opportunity, like many artists are already doing, of “clearing” modern signs where linearity of primordial signs is compromised. And first of all the purpose of it all: why did cavern men feel the impulse to “depict” their actions? Is it from this time that the concept of Art has developed? And, at last, why did human beings feel the necessity of characterizing the message by encoding it, by making it a Code only comprehensible to a circle of adepts and not indiscriminately to all humankind? Why did Leonardo da Vinci write reverse, so that what he wrote could be read only in front of a mirror?

Art and Communication - Is Art functional to the diffusion of a message or is it an encoding based upon the celebration on one’s own ego and of other happy few? Is today the concept of “mass” derived by the fact that our number is simply increasing or is it a synonym of participation, a sort of enlarging of knowledge and experiences?
We believe that the contribute of the Artist, and above all of Woman Artist, for a mere matter of “global” sensitive universe, can be fundamental to discuss and clarify the above mentioned questions, from the perspective of language (expression of content) and from the perspective of communication (vehicle of content).

Synergies and cooperation

Prof. Mario Marchiando Pacchiola - Curator of Civic Collection Palazzo Vittone Pinerolo
Prof. Dario Seglie - Manager of Civic Museum of Prehistoric Art City of Pinerolo
Lorenzo Marchi - Gallery Tropic Corridors Cavriana Mantova
Susanna Schimperna -  Writer and tv-radio opinionist
Voci Erranti -  Teatro
Salvai Stefania and prof. Fabio Banchio -  Contemporary music and music new languages
Edoardo di Mauro - Fusion Gallery in Turin and Mau Museum, Campidoglio district , Turin
Cristina Gilda Artese - Consulting for Contemporary Art Arsprima, ex area Ansaldo, via Tortona, 58 Milan


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